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Bed bug climbup interceptor


What are these devices and why are they installed under my bed legs?

  1. These CLIMBUP insect interceptors are part of the bed bug control program that is ongoing in your home. The CLIMBUP monitors for bed bugs.
  2. They are designed to intercept bugs leaving the bed.
  3. They are also designed to intercept bugs that are coming to the bed for food. 
  4. Remember that every bug that is intercepted by these devices is one less bug that can feed on a sleeping person.

In order for these devices to work to their optimum potential, what must I do?

  1. Do not let any items (i.e. comforters, sheets, clothes, etc…) hang off of the bed and touch the floor at any point during the day or night.
  2. Do not allow the bed to contact the wall.
  3. Check the devices periodically to evaluate if bugs are present or if the devices are compromised (broken, debris in the wells) in any way.


This situation will not allow the CLIMBUP™ to work properly. Bedding touches wall, floor & night stand.
Climbup Bed Bug interceptors inproper installation
This situation will optimize the CLIMBUP™ effectiveness. Bed pulled away from wall & nothing touching the floor
Climbup Bed Bug interceptors proper installation



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