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Kissing Bug

Something new to worry about?

Schedule your FREEpest inspection! I’ve noticed several stories in the news recently about Kissing Bugs. They sound pretty cute but can cause big problems. This insect bites your face when you’re sleeping – and somebody thought, “I know, let’s call

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Termite Swarmer

Spring Termite Swarmers

Schedule your FREEpest inspection! It’s Wedding Season For Termites! Yes, love is in the air and the invitations are starting to roll in. You might be surprised to know that it’s wedding season for termites, too. Stay with me on

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Are you prepared for the spring invaders?

Schedule your FREE pest inspection! Can you feel it? People are getting excited about spring! They are working in the yard, putting down grass seed and fertilizer and weed eliminator. They’re at the garden store selecting new plants and trees.

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Spring is Here!

Schedule your FREE pest inspection! Finally, spring is just about here! And you know that means ants. This is the time of year when they start to wake up. A lot of people have asked me where ants go in

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