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I don’t know anyone who likes cockroaches. They are prehistoric and creepy looking. That’s good enough for me but there is more to dislike.

German cockroaches (the kind that live indoors in your kitchen) are the number one cause of asthma in children. In order to grow, most insects including roaches have to molt in order to get bigger. That means they have to shed their old skin and grow a new one. I can’t tell you how many times someone has told me they saw an albino cockroach. What they actually saw is that few hours between losing the old shell and the new one hardening up.

You know roaches don’t clean up after themselves so they just leave the old skin behind which becomes an allergen that makes your child sick. When you consider that each egg laid by the momma roach contains 21-28 babies, it doesn’t take long to have a LOT of allergens floating around.

Then there is the disease factor. Roaches crawl around in drains, eat fecal matter (sorry) and other bacteria infested stuff. As they walk on your counters, over your dishes and your kid’s toys, they leave behind lots of nasty germs you don’t want in your mouth or on your hands. It’s no wonder we have such a problem with food-borne illness. Because cockroaches are everywhere.

If you have seen a few, you will soon be seeing plenty more since roaches reproduce at a rapid rate. Professional pest managers have new baits and other treatments that aren’t like the old “spray and pray” methods of years past. If this is a problem you’re having please call me to get help. Roach infestations just get worse without intervention.


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