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    Eco Tech Pest Control Preparedness for COVID-19

    Our industry is essential in the effort to promote public health. Recently, the pest control industry was designated as an “Essential Service Provider” as outlined in the Department of Homeland Security CISA document dated March 19, 2020. Our goal is to protect public health by providing an essential service to homeowners and businesses.

    Pest control services are essential in protecting a healthy environment in your home and our community.
    Here are steps we are taking to ensure our homeowners and our service professionals safety:

    • Exterior Only Service – Treat the exterior perimeter of your home to create a barrier for pests. This service will include wiping webs from your home, treating entry points around your windows and doors, treating the perimeter of your home, and using baits around your home to create a second barrier.
    • Interior service will be provided only if necessary as long as customer follows our protocol with social distancing and has no Covid-19 symptoms.
    • Protective Equipment – Our service professionals will be wearing respirators, gloves and booties on ALL interior services. Gloves and booties are disposed of after every service.
    • Our service professionals work with pesticides every day and we are well accustomed to important hygiene protocols like washing hands frequently, wearing gloves and respirators as required by the label and the law.
    • No Contact – Our service professionals will maintain the recommended social distancing of 6 feet from all customers and coworkers.
      We will not ask you to sign anything upon completion of the service.
      All payments will be taken over the phone or through our portal.

    Eco Tech Pest Control is commited, as always, to the health and safety of our customers. Please reach out to us at (773) 570-0070 with any questions.

    Schedule your FREE
    pest inspection!

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