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Make a list and check it twice

NO…not that kind of list. I’m talking about the Fall maintenance that needs to be done before Thanksgiving so you can relax and enjoy the holidays.

As the weather gets cold critters from the outside move in with you! If you don’t make sure to block their way in you can end up with some unwanted guests that can do real damage. Sure, nobody wants an insect infestation any time. But if cracks and weep holes aren’t sealed you may have some uninvited roommates. Caulking up these areas will make insects find a different place to call home. And you’ll save energy, too. That translates into more money in your pocket.

Adding weather stripping around doors and installing door sweeps makes a big difference in the temperature in your home as well as the number of pest problems. It has been estimated that rodents cause 20% of undetermined fires in the United States each year. They have teeth that continue to grow throughout their life and it is a necessity that they gnaw to keep those teeth worn down. When they move into your attic or walls the wires become the target of this gnawing. That’s when the building catches on fire. Please prevent this tragedy!

Speaking of attics…is your chimney an entryway? Make sure all holes are sealed so that wildlife can’t take up residence. You may not find out for a while that squirrels or bats are nesting in your attic doing lots of damage until it becomes really expensive to cure. Prevention is the best idea.

And finally, take a walk around the outside of your home. Trim back bushes that are right up against the structure. Ideally, you should have a foot of clearance at a minimum. Look for trees touching or overhanging the building. Cut them back to prevent a bridge for insects and four-legged pests to get inside.

If you get this done in the next couple of weeks you can relax for the upcoming winter and be WAY ahead of the game when Spring rolls around next year. Make a list; check it twice; and enjoy the holidays.

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