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Woman's Hand holding cockroach on room in house background

What should you do when your vacation rental is buggy?

Schedule your FREEPest Inspection! Woman’s Hand holding cockroach on room in house background, eliminate cockroach in room house[/caption] Christopher Elliott is a consumer advocate and travel expert. He travels around the globe with his 3 school-age children researching stories for

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Rice Weevil

Are those seeds in my cereal?

No, they are not! Did you know that you can buy food at the supermarket that is already infested with insects? As a general category, they are called “pantry pests”. They include insects such as Indian Meal Moths, Cigarette Beetles,

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Honeybee and yellow flower

Make a list and check it twice

NO…not that kind of list. I’m talking about the Fall maintenance that needs to be done before Thanksgiving so you can relax and enjoy the holidays. As the weather gets cold critters from the outside move in with you! If

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Honeybee and yellow flower

Should you do your own pest control?

The short answer is…maybe. There are many things to consider when deciding to hire a professional or try a task yourself. How difficult is it? Is it dangerous? Is there a steep learning curve? How much is it going to

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Honeybee and yellow flower

Why does my head itch?

It’s back to school time and you know what that means…head lice! Every year we get calls from exasperated parents who want us to come out and “spray” for head lice. Unfortunately, that won’t do any good.  Here is a

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I’m worried about the bees

Did you see the recent news piece that showed the destroyed beehives some nitwit(s) ruined for no reason? It made me angry. Honeybees mind their own business and don’t bother anyone while they go about improving our environment. They are

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What’s that creeping??

Noted consumer advocate Clark Howard recently declared Chicago the number 1 rat infested city in North America. If you have been downtown at night you may have seen them on the sidewalks or crossing the street. They really are everywhere.

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They say the years go by faster the longer you live. I must be older than I think because this year has flown by!! The holidays are right around the corner and pretty soon we will be saying goodbye to

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Kissing Bug

Something new to worry about?

I’ve noticed several stories in the news recently about Kissing Bugs. They sound pretty cute but can cause big problems. This insect bites your face when you’re sleeping – and somebody thought, “I know, let’s call it a kissing bug”!

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