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Summertime and the stingin’ is easy

Remember last January when we were all complaining how cold it was? Happens every year! But now that the “feel like” temps are hovering around 100 degrees there is more to worry about than just heat stroke – although that’s pretty important, too.

Getting outside to exercise, mow the lawn, take the kids to the pool or even gather in the park for a family reunion may bring the hazard of insect stings. Every summer thousands of Americans find themselves in the emergency room due to unexpected attacks.
Here’s how it could happen:

  • You are mowing the lawn or trimming the hedges. You run over or somehow disturb a hornet’s nest you didn’t even see. Suddenly a swarm of angry hornets attacks you and you can’t breathe. Next stop – Emergency Room!
  • You’re at the pool or in the park. After a swim or some other activity, you come back to your chair and take a drink from that cold can of soda pop you left a few minutes ago. What you didn’t know is yellow jackets are looking for a sugar meal and found their way into your Coke can. Then you swallow a couple of them unexpectedly. Next stop – Emergency Room!
  • Actually, it could happen in many different ways. Sometimes you don’t even have to go outside. Stinging insects might find a way into your attic or wall void and be nesting in your house. You begin to vacuum or some other activity and…Emergency Room!
    What I’m saying is be aware of your surroundings. Look for flying insects and watch where they go. Do they join up with others? Observe to see if they are flying back and forth to a nest. Check your drink if you have left it unattended. In your home, listen for unusual sounds. Even if getting stung hasn’t been a problem for you in the past, today could be the day.
    Hang in there. Only 6 months until New Year.

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