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Beware of the Occasional Invader!

I know, that sounds like an episode of Monk. But in pest control vernacular, occasional invader refers to pests that show up once in a while; usually because of environmental conditions or other disturbances. Think of earwigs, lady bugs, crickets, boxelder bugs…things that are a little unusual but not unheard of.

These pests would rather live un-noticed by you but conditions have made it so that they are required to find shelter in your house. Conditions like heavy rain or a sudden drop or spike in temperatures. Maybe the guy next door to you FINALLY cut his two-foot high grass. Now there is nowhere for those pests to live. So they move in with you.

It is for this reason people choose to have ongoing pest control service. Because the environment is constantly changing and prevention is better than trying to solve a problem once it’s established. Let’s look closer how environment causes these problems for you.

Assume it’s been a normal to dry summer and then suddenly you are getting rain every day for a week or more. The millipedes that are living happily in your mulched flowerbed are washed up out of the ground. They find their way into your home through cracks, crevices and door gaps. It is not unusual to find THOUSANDS of these guys inside once the migration starts.

Lady bugs and Boxelder bugs begin to look for a place to over-winter this time of year. They climb the sunny side of the building and come in through gaps around windows, chimneys and other openings. Then they take a long nap in your walls. Next February when we get about 4 warm days in a row (before the next ice storm) they will emerge and cover your indoor surfaces. There are plenty of other examples but you get the picture.

Now you understand why they are called occasional invaders and why you should do what you can to prevent them! If you’d like some prevention strategies we are happy to help. And if you see Mr. Monk…look out!!!