Ant Control

Ants are some of the most common household pests. There are a variety of ants that can be a problem in and around the home.

Pavement Ants:

Pavement Ant

They are called pavement ants because their nests can usually be found in or under the cracks and crevices of the pavement. During the spring they are most active as colonies looking for new territory in which to nest.

Color – Usually they are dark brown to black in color.

Length – to 1/8”

Diet – Pavement ants are not picky when it comes to food. Their diet includes insects, cheese, meat, fat, grease, bread, seeds and honey just to name a few.

Habitat – Their habitat is as their name suggests. They live in the crevices and cracks of pavement, sidewalks or near foundations. They can also live under boards and wood. The nest becomes obvious not only from their activity, but from the small mounds of soil showing where they are living.

Impact – As with other ants, pavement ants do not pose a health risk but food contamination can occur from their bodily waste.

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