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Termite Control

The Most Advanced Termite Baiting System

Termites can cause extensive damage to homes and structures in the Chicago Metro area. These wood-destroying insects can compromise the integrity of your property and require immediate attention. At Eco Tech Pest Control, we specialize in expert termite control services, utilizing the Sentricon system, to eliminate termites and protect your valuable assets.

Our skilled technicians are highly knowledgeable in identifying termite activity and implementing effective control measures. Through a thorough inspection of your property, we identify termite colonies, assess the extent of the infestation, and determine the best course of action.

Sentricon System for Termite Control:

For effective termite control, we utilize the Sentricon system, a proven and environmentally friendly solution. The Sentricon system consists of discreet bait stations that are strategically placed around your property. These stations contain a specially formulated termite bait that is highly attractive to termites. The termites feed on the bait and share it with the rest of the colony, leading to the elimination of the entire termite population.

The Sentricon system offers ongoing protection as the bait stations are regularly monitored and maintained by our experts. This ensures the long-term prevention of termite infestations and provides peace of mind for your property.

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The Sentricon System is always active. It will kill the entire colony.

  1.  A certified Sentricon Specialist checks for signs of termites.
  2. Stations are placed around your home, and the bait immediately begins to work.
  3. Your certified Sentricon Specialist will make sure they are always working.

By choosing Eco Tech Pest Control, you are selecting a family-owned, local company with a 5-star rating that understands the termite control needs of the Chicago Metro area. We take pride in providing effective, eco-friendly solutions to eliminate termites and protect your property from further damage. With the Sentricon system and our comprehensive pest control plans, we are committed to delivering exceptional service and ensuring your property remains termite-free.

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