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    Beetle Control


    A wide variety of beetles in many shapes and sizes are known to be pests in the home, to gardens and crops in the United States. One member of the beetle family, the ladybug is a favorite of children and can be beneficial. Other beetles, like the merchant grain beetle, the carpet beetle and the powder post beetle can be harmful.

    Color – Red to brown to black

    Length – 1/10” to 1/4” Round or oval shaped bodies

    Diet – While the carpet beetle prefers to feed on fibers in carpet and other natural materials, other beetles prefer foods that are dried and found in places where food is stored. Some beetles prefer to eat wood and therefore an eye should be kept on furniture that may have irregular markings.

    Habitat – Powder post beetles can be found in cracks in wood, old furniture and other such places. Carpet beetles can be found in carpet, tapestries and even in attics; while the merchant grain beetle can get into the pantry where improperly stored food is a source of food for them.

    Impact – From damage to carpet to furniture to food contamination, beetles can create problems for you in the home.

    Beetle Control in the Chicago Area

    Beetles are a common pest in the Chicago Metro area. Select a pest control plan below that works for you and your family.

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