House Cricket Control

House Cricket

If you’ve heard the sound of crickets at night as you sit outside, it may have sounded nice to you. However, if you’ve heard the sound in your house as you’re trying to sleep, it likely hasn’t been so nice since the “song” of the male cricket can be quite loud. These little nocturnal creatures are similar to a grasshopper in that they can jump with their hind legs.

Color – Brown to Black

Length – 1/2” to 5/8” with flattened bodies

Diet – As scavengers, they like to feed on any organic material. They will go plants that may be rotting, fungus and even seedling plants.

Habitat – Since they are nocturnal, they will find dark places under rocks and logs.

Impact – Since they love organic materials, they can actually aid in the composting process. However, on the negative side, they can also destroy young plants; and, if a just one male cricket makes it into your home, they can be very loud.

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