Silverfish Control


Silverfish come in various forms and are pretty much found everywhere. It is an insect that generally prefers darkness and moisture, so their activity is mostly at night.

Color – Gray, almost metallic

Length – 1/4” to 1” with a carrot-shaped body

Diet – Silverfish like starchy things such as flours, cereals or anything similar. They can also feed on wallpaper, cotton, linen and the glues used in bookbindings, boxes and other things.

Habitat – Most prefer cool, dark and damp places. When their hiding places are disturbed, they are incredibly fast and will often run quickly for cover. They can be found in attics, basements, garages and crawlspaces.

Impact – Silverfish can contaminate food if they are found in it. They can also damage fabric, wallpaper and books because of their love for starchy things.

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